Building a Theological Library, Part 2

Part two of a panel discussion on the importance of books and building a theological library.

  1. General mindset
    1. Books are more important than your television. Read Amusing Ourselves to Death (no, there’s not a video version on youtube).
    2. When you hear of a great book that you would like to read, put it on a wishlist. The next time you have a handful of books on your list and can spare the money, buy them.
  2. Building a general library
    1. You don’t want to waste your money
    2. Bigger isn’t necessarily better
  3. Why build a library?
    1. This might be the only theological library you have access to.
    2. As a pastor, your congregation will probably be asking you to borrow books.
    3. You’ll have something to pass on to your children.
  4. Types of books to get
    1. Average churchgoer
    2. Elder/deacon/well-informed church member
    3. Pastor
      1. Commentaries – check out Longman and Carson’s commentary surveys
      2. Build with the classics, not the trendy, e.g. Get James Bannerman’s The Church of Christ before you get Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Church (if you must get it all)
    4. Scholar (you should call in and tell us)
  5. Where to buy
    1. Abebooks
    2. used.addall.com
    3. Amazon.com (use our links, help pay our web hosting fees)
    4. wtsbooks.com
    5. Credo Books
    6. eBay / half.com


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The New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament

This inaugural episode of Christ the Center addresses the theological issues that arise from the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament. The panel members give a brief introduction to the major issues and point listeners to a number of helpful publications on the subject.

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