Revjw’s Book Corner: Hoffecker on Hodge

In this 200th year of Princeton Theological Seminary, it seems appropriate to read the latest biography of Charles Hodge penned by Andrew Hoffecker. Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton is also the latest entry in the American Reformed Biographies series published by P&R Publishing. Like its predecessors, this volume was a pleasure to read. It has more of the flavor of an intellectual biography than Paul Gutjahr’s Charles Hodge: Guardian of American Orthodoxy published by Oxford University Press. Hoffecker writes sympathetically yet not uncritically of his subject and the issues of the day. At the end of the book I felt, as I did with John Muether’s volume on Cornelius Van Til in the same series, that I did not want to close the covers and leave the presence of a friend. I have personally found this study to be encouraging and inspirational.

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Camden Bucey

8 years ago

What I’ve read of Hoffecker’s is fantastic. I didn’t know much about Hodge the person before opening this volume and interviewing Dr. Hoffecker, but have been thoroughly interested so far. This book is a joy to read.

Van Loomis

8 years ago

Jeff, great words on Hoffecker’s new Hodge biography. I had many of the same thoughts you specified in your brief review. I would highly recommend this volume. The only downside has absolutely nothing to do with the material contained therein; I was saddened to see Hoffecker’s contribution to the ARB series published in paperback, making the entire set out of uniform. And of the men whose biographies have been produced in this series, the one who arguably has made the greatest impact on the American Reformed landscape is Hodge, yet he is relegated to paperback. Very sad indeed. Yet still, I am thankful to P&R that Hoffecker’s biography on Hodge has been published. May it have a wide readership.



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