Union with Christ and Sanctification

Dr. Lane G. Tipton, the Charles Krahe Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, teaches on sanctification in this special presentation from Alive with Christ: Saving Union with Christ. This series of addresses comes from the Fall Seminar on Reformed Theology, held on November 12 and 13th 2011 at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ringoes, NJ. This is the fourth installment of the series. The entire series is as follows:

  1. A Biblical Overview: Dr Richard Gaffin
  2. Regeneration: Dr Lane Tipton
  3. The Good Work Begun: Dr Richard Gaffin
  4. Sanctification: Dr Lane Tipton
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. The Gateway into Fellowship with the Triune God: Rev. Jeff Waddington (Sunday School)
  7. The Gospel: Dr Lane Tipton (Sunday morning service)
  8. Glorification: Rev. James Cassidy (Sunday evening service)


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Rupert, REC

8 years ago

Hmmm… a fascinating, yet myopic Central Dogma theory yet again. One can only hope that the dear Richard Muller, Ph.D., will provide resources for academia to throw off the mantle of such biblicism and rationalism. How many books does one need to disprove such accommodation of the entire Reformation tradition?

Jared O.

8 years ago

Are we going to get specific on this?

Charlie J. Ray

8 years ago

It’s odd that the Westminster Standards only mention “union” with Christ three times. Westminster Larger Catechism 65-66 and Westminster Confession 26:1.

It does seem that this penultimate doctrine at Westminster Seminary PA is not in fact penultimate in the Westminster Standards, the Bible, or in other Reformed circles…. One has to wonder why that is?



8 years ago

And…Shorter Catechism Q/A 30, 37(bodies); Larger Catechism Q/A 69, 86(bodies). How many times do the Standards need to affirm that the benefits of redemption procured by Christ’s mediation come to us by our union with Him by the Spirit?


8 years ago

I think it is odd that Charlie didn’t respond to your comment Tim….

Andrew Cas

8 years ago

So just to be clear, There is effectual calling by which someone becomes regenerate and as apart of the regeneration the person becomes united to Christ and then flows Justification, Sanctification and Adoption… This seems to follow the WCF formate, please take note of WCF 3.6 . Btw Charlie, I’m in Queensland Australia doing a Batchelor in Theology and its a pretty important doctrine for us that is stressed by the Theological College I go to.

Rupert, REC

8 years ago

Will my response to Jared O(liphint ?) be posted?



8 years ago

Rupert, I checked and we don’t have any response from you. Perhaps it was automatically sent to the spam filter or there was a problem of some sort during submission. Did you post to this thread?



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