[Review] Molinism: The Contemporary Debate

Jared Oliphint reviews Molinism: The Contemporary Debate, edited by Ken Perszyk.

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Don Bryant

5 years ago

Enjoyed the presentation on Molinism, particularly the relevant books and articles. I have witnessed its developing place in Arminian circles to which I belong. James White at Alpha & Omega Ministries on a frequent basis references Molinism, particularly in his running debate with William Craig Lane and Norman Geisler. I have wondered why he highlights this so much. For most Arminians, such as Roger Olson, Molinism is not a significant focus. I am by no means an expert on Middle Knowledge, though I have spent a lot of time intrigued by the debate. I teach philosophy and introduce it in the classes dealing with free will. But an introduction it only is. I look forward to following up using the resources you mentioned. Thanks for the program.

Michael Head

5 years ago

So glad for this (as I always am when you guys discuss philosophy!)…it was very timely, since the Berkhof reading group I lead just discussed the decrees and predestination (Berkhof even mentions Molina in his discussion of predestination). I encouraged them all to listen to this. Thanks!



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