God and Necessity

Jared Oliphint and Nathan Shannon discuss Brian Leftow’s God and Necessity (Oxford University Press). In this volume, Leftow seeks to offer a metaphysic of modality. This leads him into a discussion of necessity and possibility, truth making, God’s nature, and divine simplicity. It’s a wide-ranging title, but one that offers many important themes for consideration. Dr. Shannon has written a review of the book that will appear soon in the Westminster Theological Journal.

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Bruce Sanders

5 years ago

The question “Are we simply making up this stuff” is a good one?

It is the nature of the human mind to invent religion. A cursory review of religious faiths from antiquity (e.g. Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman) to modern times (the 35,000 different sub-groups within Christianity) shows this to be true. Clearly there has been and continues to be a lot of creative invention going on, with the unfortunate outcome of intensified bickering over shades of theological gray and fragmentation.

Perhaps it is time to stop backing into the future looking at where we have been, and limit our discussions to unity in Christ so the Church can be a more effective witness.



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