Eating with Sinners

In the Gospels, Jesus is frequently criticized by his enemies for eating with sinners. For example, Luke tells us that when “tax collectors and sinners” were drawing near to hear Jesus, “the Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, ‘This man…
Revelation - Part 5

The Book of Revelation – Part 5

In Episode 45 we continue our new series on the Book of Revelation. Your hosts, Rob and Bob, continue to discuss the Book of Revelation chapter 5. The second vision of the Book of Revelation brings us into the throne room of…

Dispensationalism – Part 7

In episode 31, your hosts Rob and Bob, continue their discussion about Dispensationalism. In picking up our discussion of Dispensational Theology once again, we discuss “The Dispensation of Grace” a.k.a. The Church Age. What is the Dispensation of Grace? Why is is also…
TSP Episode 030

The Mosaic Covenant

In episode 30, your hosts Rob and Bob, along with Melodie McKenzie, discuss the Mosaic Covenant. Who is Moses? What was his relationship to God and his people? How did God use him?Why Moses? Or better, why the Law as the Mosaic Covenant?…
TSP Episode 028a

The Abrahamic Covenant

In episode 28, your hosts Rob and Bob, along with special guest Melodie McKenzie, discuss the Abrahamic Covenant. Who is Abram? Or is it Abraham? Why is he so important in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testament? Why did…
TSP Episode 020


In episode 20, your hosts Rob McKenzie and Bob Tarullo discuss chapter 3 of John’s Gospel asking questions like, Who is Nicodemus? What’s this conversation all about? What’s going on between between Nicodemus and Jesus? Why the dark? What is…
TSP Episode 019

Who is Noah?

In episode 19, your hosts Rob McKenzie and Bob Tarullo, with special guest Melodie McKenzie, discuss questions like, Who is Noah? Why all the judgment? Is their any grace in this story? We’ll discuss these and other related (and sometimes unrelated)…
TSP Episode 018

What is the Gospel?

In episode 18, your hosts Rob McKenzie and Bob Tarullo, with special guests Tim Karr and Melodie McKenzie, discuss questions like, What is the Gospel? Does the Gospel change? How important is it to know the Gospel? We’ll discuss these and…
TSP Episode 013

Total Depravity

On episode 13, your hosts Rob McKenzie and Bob Tarullo, discuss the doctrine of Total Depravity and how this important teaching of Scripture relates to you. Theology Simply Profound is a podcast of Westminster Presbyterian Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving…


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