The Logos Reformed Base Package

Logos ReformedIf I didn’t think it would be repellent, I would write this post in all caps with bold, italics, and underlined font. Behind the scenes in Bellingham, WA, Logos Bible Software has been working on what I predict will be a genuine game-changer for Reformed research, scholarship, and education. Add this as the most recent significant event on Tim Challies’ “Where Did All These Calvinists Come From?”

As a Logos user for the past few years, I have experienced unexpected benefits from using the program for exegesis and theological research—mining the original languages, consulting online commentaries, and searching with breakneck speed through digitized theological volumes. But as research progressed, I found myself in a financial position of only being able to purchase a couple digitized Reformed works—the works of Cornelius Van Til and Richard Muller’s 4-volume Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, for example.

Today, Logos releases the Reformed base package, taking the power of its program and applying it to an unprecedented amount of Reformed gold. Check out what the Platinum package includes:

and on and on. The list above is a tiny sample from the master list of what the package includes.

This post only serves as a brief heads up, but stay tuned for a full episode of Reformed Media Review where we will go into detail about this, and we will also let you know about more exciting things coming from Logos.

Disclosure: Logos provided a review copy of this software package.

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Jason Delgado (@jXd1689)

5 years ago

Great news indeed… not to mention the great deals you can find in community pricing. For example, there are some steals for Particular Baptists out there… 17 volumes of our Covenant Theology from the 17th & 18th century for $20! And there is still some time for it to drop lower.

Thanks for pointing out these. In your podcast review I’d be interested to hear which ones you recommend for folks based on what they want it for (pastors, historians, laymen, mix, etc…)

Adam McNeal

5 years ago

Are Van Til’s works in any of the bundles?

Camden Bucey

5 years ago

I have Apologetics, Survey of Christian Epistemology, and Christian Theistic Evidences in my library, but as far as I can tell that’s it.

Brian Reinke

5 years ago

I’m now the proud owner of the Reformed Platinum Base Package. Unfortunately the Works of Van Til aren’t included. I had just purchased the Diamond Base Package and switch to the Reformed Platinum because it gave me more the resources that I wanted at a significantly lower price. Now I have some extra money to round out my library with a few things that aren’t included in the Reformed Platinum Base Package.


5 years ago

They are included in Reformed Diamond.


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