John Piper, A Peculiar Glory

A Peculiar Glory

John Piper recently released a book called A Peculiar Glory, where he explores what it means for Scripture to be self-attesting. In this companion video to the book, Michael Reeves interviews Piper on the book and the topic. In the interview, Piper…
John Newton

No Such “Thing” As Grace

The term “grace” can sometimes take on a use that, in a seemingly harmless way, treats it as an object in and of itself; a valuable commodity for walking the Christian life. Some turn its meaning into something that functions like…

A Look Back at What I Read in 2014

I enjoy “Best of…” lists that take us down a 365-day memory lane. I’ll inevitably mouth the words, “Oh yeah!” on cue when I see entries from early 2014. But rather than a “Best of 2014” list, I thought I…

Was Eden As Good as It Gets?

In the discussion on “Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutics, Divine Authorship, and the Christotelism Debate” at the first Reformed Forum conference (audio download), Lane Tipton asked a question regarding the status of Adam and Eve’s condition in Eden. He asks, Was the pre-Fall garden…
Kingdom through Covenant

Questioning the Progress in Progressive Covenantalism

Two years ago in 2012, Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum dropped Kingdom Through Covenant (KTC) onto the theological scene—800+ pages arguing for a “progressive covenantalism” as the middle way between dispensationalism and Presbyterian covenant theology. A scholarly book that critiques…

Tullian on “Failure,” the Law, and the Gospel

Tullian Tchividjian posted strong words against Jen Wilkin’s TGC article, “Failure is Not a Virtue.” He says the article contains “theological muddiness,” but he intends to “dive beneath the surface and explore her post at a deeper theological AND existential level.” According to…
Machen Portrait

J. Gresham Machen on Church Unity

In light of the recent discussion on “The Future of Protestantism,” I thought I would post Machen’s take on church unity as he deals with this topic in his classic work, Christianity and Liberalism: We are not dealing here with…
DeYoung - Taking God at His Word

The Attribute of Scripture We Most Often Forget

Of the four main attributes of Scripture—sufficiency, clarity/perspicuity, authority, and necessity—Kevin DeYoung has this to say in his new book, Taking God At His Word, in part interacting with Hebrews 1:1–4: Of the four attributes of Scripture, this may be the…

What Our Culture’s Counselors Do Not Say

RTS Charlotte launches their new biblical counseling program and degrees this upcoming fall. For anyone familiar with the state of seminaries and counseling, this counts as a big deal. David Powlison addressed a number of RTS friends at an event…
James Bannerman

Bannerman’s Application of Union with Christ to Ecclesiology

In his masterful two-volume work, The Church of Christ, James Bannerman explores the various ways the word “church” is used. For example, “the term Church is used in Scripture to denote the whole body throughout the world of those that…


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