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This episode is for July 14, 2010. We are pleased to release a pilot episode of our new weekly news show. We are certainly learning as we go, so we would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Here are this week’s news items:
  • Justin Taylor – Discussion of what Jesus may have looked like, relating to the discussion on RF with Andrew Moody.
  • Link to Poythress’s JETS article, “Modern Spiritual Gifts as Analogous to Apostolic Gifts: Affirming Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit within Cessationist Theology.” Taylor’s headline for this is “The Best Essay Ever Written on Spiritual Gifts Today”
  • 1517 – Interview with Trip Lee about his new album (from late June)
  • Kevin DeYoung – JI Packer on why we need inerrancy, coming off of a post that addresses Kent Sparks’ rant on Biologos against inerrancy.
  • Al Mohler reflects on lessons learned after he turned off the mic to his radio broadcast.
  • Choosing Hats post includes a video of James White and a discussion of Arminian theology and apologetics.
  • Frame-Poythress – Link to Poythress’s paper he did for the Business Ethics conference.
  • Monergism – 54 lectures from Greg Bahnsen posted, $54
  • Josh Harris – Our prayers are with Josh Harris and his family as they mourn the death of his mother.
  • Stafford Carson linked to a recent post by Westminster’s own David Garner reflecting on our digital age.
  • Anthony Bradley (who has his own blog at bradley.chattablogs.com) comments in World Magazine about whether it’s fair to automatically assume a school is racist if they have little or no minority professors.
  • The OPC General Assembly is currently meeting. Also to note of the OPC, the Presbyterian publication “The Guardian” is now available online, dating back to the first 1935 volume.
  • Thabiti Anyibwale links to Harry Reeder video on thinking theologically.
  • Anthony Bradley on Glenn Beck discussing Black Liberation theology

Tim H.

10 years ago

Great idea. I’m defining a Taylor ratio as (stories posted by Justin Taylor and mentioned on TWRW / (stories mentioned on TWRW). I’m better the Taylor ratio stays above .75. And I’m guessing most of the stories previously posted on Justin Taylor have to do with the OPC.


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