Exorcism and the Christian

This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob take up the subject of exorcisms, yeah really! From Acts 19:11–20, we discuss everything from Jesus and Paul freeing people from demons to Star Wars and the new spirituality of this present evil (pagan) age that we live within. So, may a Christian be demon possessed? Should pastor be trained to perform exorcisms? Oh, and Rob really geeks out on Sci-Fi. . . so you’re in for a treat!

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2 years ago

Hi, a friend of mine shared this podcast episode on FaceBook and I started listening to it..I found it intriguing as my husband and I (and our four kiddos) live in SE Asia. I just listened to the bit on Taiwan and the possession that you heard of from your friend who used to live there. We, too, see it where we live. I have attached an article from Phuket Gazette that is an interview with a spirit medium (this is not the city we live in, but we live in a place that has the annual festival as well, just not on as large as a scale). I would ask of you to keep those of us working in these environments in your prayers, every October since we’ve moved to our city has been one of battle on our knees before Jesus, asking for protection and for His truth to shine brightly through His church. I will finish listening to this episode! Thank you for the discussion and thank you for giving me the space to share a little of our experience here. (Oh, I wanted to say that neither my husband nor I have performed an exorcism.) I am curious to find out if any others in our work have done so. Thank you again, God bless you!


Rob McKenzie

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your kind words. We will be in prayer for your family and your ministry. We do wrestle against these dark powers but we have Christ who is in control of all. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Thank you for the article I will take a look.



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