The Wrath of God and the Need for the Atonement

This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob begin a new series of discussions on the topic of the atonement. In this episode we talk about the wrath of God and mankind’s need for an escape from the wrath of God in the first place. Why an atonement? Why is there a need for an atonement?

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Anthony Castellitto

1 year ago

This was such a vital reminder. Just excellent.

In a similar vein, I listen to a dramatized version of Pilgrims Progress periodically and it truly helps me comprehend what is at stake and how it is so easy to lean on ourselves and conceive our own path.

One of the commentators here mentions repentance and faith and a taking of our cross and denying ourselves. That’s what I want to do. Not doing so just makes me restless and frustrated. A childlike dependency is a truly gracious place to be. I cherish those moments.


1 year ago

Well said Anthony. Thanks.


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