Stephen and Sermons

Today, Rob and Bob with Melodie McKenzie, discuss Stephen’s speech in Acts 7, which leads us into the muddy of waters of sermons, some questions about preaching, and some thoughts on listening to sermons. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

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John D. Chitty

10 months ago

The “3 Points AND a Poem” comes to us out of the standard fundamentalist preacher’s joke handbook:

“Do you know what the Model Sermon is? It’s three points and a poem:

“1. I Got Problems

“2. You Got Problems

“3. We All Got Problems

“Adam had’em.”

It’s fascinating to encounter people not raised in the fundamentalist movement who have no idea about such staples of pre-grad training for those who felt led to enter “full-time Christian service.”

Robert McKenzie

10 months ago

I know John, you see what I have to work with.


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