Biblical Church Government

In this episode, Rob and Bob discuss the commission of Barnabas to Antioch, the spread of the gospel, the addition of Saul to work in Antioch, and the relief sent to the congregations of Jerusalem for their aid in a time of need. All of this leads us to a discussion of what the Bible says about church government by elders.

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Timothy Joseph

2 years ago

I find biblical warrant for Elders, but find your arguments for biblical warrant for Presbyterian form of government faulty. Additionally, where do you find warrant for 3 separate offices? Finally, where would anyone find warrant to have the minister train Elders?
For sure I find your program profitable and I am Reformed, but Baptist.
I appreciate you guys greatly!

Rob McKenzie

2 years ago

Thanks for the great questions. Bob who’s small brush with the Wild West a few weeks ago thinks he can just rush in and grab land way ahead of schedule. These are questions that we have planned to discuss in a few episodes. So if your good with it we will address all your questions then and in greater detail. Thanks for the encouragement!

Timothy Joseph

2 years ago

I look forward to the broadcasts!




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