Baptism — Listener Questions

Today on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob return to the subject of baptism by way of answering some of our listener questions. Enjoy this practical discussion about some of the ins and outs of dealing with different circumstances that leaders might need to think through.

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Patrick Harvey

2 years ago

Thanks for another great episode guys, always enjoyable! Your summary of what constitutes a valid baptism was especially helpful (minister, trinitarian, water), as a “now-Reformed-ex-Roman-Catholic” I have always had an interest of Roman Catholic theology and the most faithful way to understand and interpret that communion (especially in light of Galatians 1:8) …..Lord bless your ministries

Robert McKenzie

2 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement, glad the episode was helpful. I was driving across California this week for work and enjoyed listening to the Catholic radio station. The host was doing a great job defending the reality of the God of the Bible as he debated someone advocating the Big Bang origin of the Universe. Of course I cringed when he started to pray to Mary. Thanks again.

Timothy Joseph

2 years ago

The idea that baptismos is wash belies your theology determining your practice, rather than the range of meaning of the word as specified by the context. Your belittling the baptism of Jesus as an example of Christian baptism is unworthy of any Protestant.
Again, where in scriptural requirement for an ordained minister being necessary for baptism to be effective?
I love your show and appreciate your tradition, but was disappointed with the cavalier way you addressed the scripture related to the immersion tradition within Reformed movement.


Rob McKenzie

2 years ago

Hello Tim, thanks for the comment. Forgive us if we have treated the scriptures without care, that was not our intention. I am not quite sure how we belittled the baptism of Jesus. His baptism is not the same as the Christian Churches and therefore is not an example that can be used to justify full immersion. That was our primary point. The reason why an ordained minister/elder are to be the ones who administer the sacraments is because they are the one who have been called by God to be the representatives of Christ in an official visible church function. This would also be the case regarding official church discipline. They have been given the keys of the kingdom with which they govern with authority. In the same way only those ordained to the ministry are to preach the word. I hope this clarifies our meaning. Thanks for pointing out our lack of clarity.

Adrian Clark

2 years ago

From Bristol England, thanks.

C. J. Fang

2 years ago

I think the Presbyterian infant baptism should be called “covenantal baptism”. It will clear lots of confusion.

Robert McKenzie

2 years ago

Covenantal Baptism is a good term, although I don’t think it will clear up any confusion. Most confusion over infant baptism is because the person confused is unwilling to understand the other person’s position, but I like the term and Dr. Strawbridge’s book is excellent.


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