Reformation 500

Today, Rob and Bob commemorate the 500th anniversary Protestant Reformation with a discussion of the ongoing need for influence of the Reformation in the life of the church today. Happy Reformation Day!


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Armen Nazarian

2 weeks ago

Hey Theology Simply Profound!
Thanks for a great podcast – many of your episodes and series have been very edifying! Your podcast provides solid reformed theology!

I do have a question about the things discussed at around minute 29:00 about anabaptists and reformed baptists.(reformed baptist being a modern term for the particular baptist of the 17th century I assume)

Did you mean to say that reformed (particular) baptist of the 17th century britain “came” from the continental anabaptist? (i.e. historical geneaology)
Or did you mean to say something else?

Sincerely, Armen

Rob McKenzie

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the question. My point was that the Baptist movement from the Reformation started with the Anabaptists. And the Anabaptists were on the more charismatic/Pentecostal and radical side. There were several branches that would develop as the years went on. Some would become the Quakers some the Mennonites. The Amish are also descendants from that movement. Eventually they would become what we understand to be Reformed Baptists, these would be the ones who drew up the London Baptist Confession in 1689, as you say the Particular Baptists. I know that strictly speaking the particular Baptist term did not come around till the early 1600’s in England but I do believe there is a link to the later Anabaptists on the continent. Whose doctrine started to become more Calvinistic in the 1550’s and 60’s.


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