Two Kingdoms and Cultural Obedience

Recently the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Canada sponsored a conversation between Dr. Joe Boot, founding pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto, Ontario and the Ezra institute, and Dr. Matthew Tuininga, assistant professor of moral theology at Calvin Theological Seminary, about two kingdoms theology. The conversation is very interesting indeed. Both men make substantial points throughout. Boot is an articulate advocate of a mono-covenantal form of Reformed Christianity (Boot clearly rejects the covenant of works towards the end of the question and answer period) rightly concerned with upholding the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all areas of thinking. Tuininga is quite possibly one of the ablest defenders of two kingdoms theology, tying it to the eschatalogical insights of Geerhardus Vos and Herman Ridderbos.

Read more and listen to the recording at the Ezra Institute.

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