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By Faith, Not By Sight

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Proponents of the “New Perspective” on Paul generally reject or minimize the concept of an ordo salutis (“order of salvation”) in his writings. Building on the biblical-theological groundwork of … Read more→


A Consistent Biblical-Theological Hermeneutic

In By Faith, Not By Sight Richard Gaffin summarizes a redemptive-historical (or covenant-historical, biblical-theological) hermeneutic, distinct from a purely grammatical-historical hermeneutic. For discussions regarding the doctrine of Scripture, and especially the New … Read more→


Vos Group #2: The Nature and Method of Biblical Theology, Part 1

Dr. Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey open up Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology for the second episode of Vos Group. On pages 3-11 (Chapter 1 up to, but not including, “Guiding Principles”), Vos … Read more→

2013 Highlights

Highlights from 2013

We begin the New Year with a look at some of our best clips from 2013. Listen to the full episodes of the clips we’ve chosen to include by using … Read more→

Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 3:13-15 – Enmity and Grace

On today’s episode, we unpack Genesis 3:13-15, a pronouncement of judgment upon the serpent, but also of grace and good news for Adam and Eve. We examine other passages in … Read more→

Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments

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Geerhardus Vos is the father of orthodox Reformed Biblical theology and his work provides the foundation of much of the work done in Biblical studies at Westminster Seminary. Cornelius … Read more→

Vos - Biblical Theology

An Introduction to Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology

Dr. Lane G. Tipton joins Camden Bucey to begin a new series on Geerhardus Vos’ important book, Biblical Theology: Old and New Testaments. For the past thirteen years, Dr. Tipton has … Read more→

Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 3:9-12 – Adam on Trial

In this episode we discuss Genesis 3:9-12, and consider God’s pursuit of rebellious Adam. On the one hand, God clearly calls Adam into account for his sin, but on the … Read more→


Images of the Spirit

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The underlying concept developed here is the paradigmatic function of the theophanic Glory-cloud in the creation of the image of God. Dr. Kline identifies the major symbolic models employed … Read more→

Proclaiming Christ

Genesis 3:8-10 – The Spirit of the Day

This week we discuss Genesis 3:8-10. Following Meredith Kline, we argue that in 3:8, God walks in the garden in the wind or spirit of the day. God’s Spirit is involved … Read more→