Rembrandt, Evangelist Matthew and the Angel

Fulfillment in Matthew as Eschatological Reversal

We welcome Brandon Crowe back to the program to speak about the gospel of Matthew. Dr. Crowe is assistant professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He is the author of the article, “Fulfillment in Matthew as Eschatological…
TSP Episode 078

Deacons in Acts

In the early chapters of Acts, at the beginning of the New Covenant Church there was a joyous time where everyone shared all that they had will anyone else who was in need. Just a few months later we have…
The Essential Van Til - Neo-Orthodox

The Essential Van Til — The Neo-Orthodox View of the Knowledge of God

In his writings, Van Til used what has now become a defunct moniker to describe an early 20th century theological movement surrounding Karl Barth and Emil Brunner. That moniker is “neo-orthodox.” Space prevents us from getting into a history of…
Michelangelo, Isaiah

Isaiah and God’s Kingdom

Today, we speak with Andrew Abernethy about his book, The Book of Isaiah and God’s Kingdom: A Thematic-Theological Approach from IVP Academic‘s New Studies in Biblical Theology series. Abernethy contends that thematic points of reference can help one to encounter Isaiah and…
2 Thess 2_13-14

The Dogmatic Impulse within Scripture

Geerhardus Vos wisely observed that “on the line of historical progress there is at several points already a beginning of correlation among elements of truth in which the beginnings of the systematizing process can be discerned.”[i] In other words, within…
TSP Episode 077

Civil Disobedience

What do we do when the government tells us that we must turn in people who are of a certain ethnic group so that they might be killed? Do we adhere to scripture that tells us to be obedient to…
Tennessee Podcasting

Our Newest Addition: Theology Simply Profound

We are pleased to welcome Theology Simply Profound. Rob McKenzie and Bob Tarullo address issues of Reformed theology in an accessible manner. If Christ the Center is an advanced course, this is your prolegomena. Think of it as Reformed meat…
Cornelius Van Til

The Essential Van Til — As Suchness

Going hand-in-hand with what we said in a previous post about rendering God not God, Van Til points up how unbelieving thought assumes a neutral view of reality, and in so doing renders every aspect of reality as a final…
Church Pews

When the Exception Becomes the Rule: An Observation from the Recent PCA General Assembly

The below observation is not a criticism of the PCA or the 2017 Assembly. I watched much of the Assembly on-line and was greatly blessed by so many of the things I saw and heard. So, this Assembly, for my…
Country Valley Church

Discontent in the Ministry

Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey revisit Paul Woolley’s article, “Discontent!” as it pertains to the ministry of the church. Woolley presents two forms of discontent in the church that lead either to pursuing a worldly or Christ-centered agenda. While Woolley…


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