Edward Hicks, Peaceable Kingdom

Enjoying the New Creation

Introduction Isaiah 65:17ff is a wonderful picture of the future restoration of God’s people. It’s a passage that demonstrates the greatness of the blessings that come to God’s people from his bountiful hand. It’s an even greater picture once we…
Nathaniel Under the Fig Tree, James_Tissot

Ecclesiastes and the Triumph over Futility

My wife recently told me that one of her friends will have to sell her house and move at the end of the summer. This particular friend has a large and vibrant garden into which she has poured many hours…
Computer Screen

Programmers, Designers, Architects: Join Our Community at Reformed.tech

Reformed Forum has been blessed with many opportunities to serve Christ’s church. Since 2008, we have been producing and distributing Reformed theological content freely (both free and libre!) online. Over the years, we have developed tools and processes for making…
Presbyterian Church of America (eventually OPC) 2nd General Assembly

What’s the Difference between the PCA and the OPC?

Occasionally, I am asked about the difference between the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and my denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). I’ve had different thoughts about this during my brief sojourn as a member of the latter. It’s a…

Eternal Relations in the Trinity: A Brief Summary of the Current Controversy

The evangelical Internet is abuzz with discussion about ad intra relations within the Trinity. Bruce Ware and Wayne Grudem have been recognized as presenting forms of Eternal Functional Subordination (EFS) of the Son to the Father in their respective books, Father, Son, and Holy…
Christopher Ash, Zeal without Burnout

Measuring Your Ministry

I’m so thankful that Christopher Ash wrote Zeal without Burnout. It’s a much-needed book, and I’m confident many ministers will be just as encouraged by reading it as I have been. Ash possesses a keen awareness of the unique challenges of…

Introducing Reformed Faith & Practice, a New Journal from RTS

In conjunction with their 50th anniversary celebration, Reformed Theological Seminary have released a new journal, titled Reformed Faith & Practice. Our friend, Mike Kruger, posted about the new release this morning. John Muether is the general editor of the new publication, and the inaugural…
Glen Clary, April 30, 2016

Glen Clary to Speak on the Second Commandment

We are pleased to announce the addition of Rev. Dr. Glen Clary to our list of 2016 Theology Conference speakers. Glen is the pastor of Providence OPC in Pflugerville, Texas, where we recently held our spring conference. He is also the general…
Jim Cassidy, Austin 2016

Creation and Covenant: Why Karl Barth Didn’t Go Far Enough in His Rejection of Natural Theology

Dr. James J. Cassidy delivers the third plenary address from our Austin Theology Conference at Pflugerville, Texas on April 30, 2016. Download the handout for the lecture. The theme of our conference was God’s Word in Our World: Nature, Grace, and the…
Camden Bucey, Austin 2016

Nature, Grace, and the Eschatology of Salvation

Dr. Camden M. Bucey delivers the second plenary address from our Austin Theology Conference at Pflugerville, Texas on April 30, 2016. The theme of our conference was God’s Word in Our World: Nature, Grace, and the Foundation of Divine Revelation. Download


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