Lane Tipton, Austin 2016

Covenant and Nature: Paul’s Eschatology of the Natural in 1 Corinthians 15:45

Dr. Lane G. Tipton delivers the first plenary address from our Austin Theology Conference at Pflugerville, Texas on April 30, 2016. The theme of our conference was God’s Word in Our World: Nature, Grace and the Foundation of Divine Revelation. Download
Austin Theology Conference panel discussion

2016 Austin Theology Conference Audio

Download the audio from our 2016 Austin Theology Conference held April 30, 2016 at Providence OPC in Pflugerville, Texas. The theme of our conference was God’s Word in Our World: Nature, Grace and the Foundation of Divine Revelation.

Owen on Limited Atonement

If Christ hath merited grace and glory for all those for whom he died, if he died for all, how comes it to pass that these things are not communicated to and bestowed upon all? Is the defect in the…
Ferguson, The Whole Christ

The Benefits of the Gospel Are In Christ

In his superb book The Whole Christ, Sinclair Ferguson reminds us of an absolutely critical point of salvation: The benefits of the gospel (justification, reconciliation, redemption, adoption) were being separated from Christ, who is himself the gospel. The benefits of the…
Vatican II

Hello from the Other Side of Christian Unity

I recently received the latest issue of Marquette’s journal Philosophy & Theology. In coordination with the Karl Rahner Theological Society, every other issue features a series of Rahner papers. This issue, the papers focus upon ecumenical relations and church unity. Many…
John Owen

John Owen: Sarcastic Socinian

In his book John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man, Carl Trueman includes a portion of John Owen’s satirical Socinian catechism, which Owen wrote in response to John Biddle and appended to his Vindiciae Evangelicae. Qu. 1: What is God? Ans. God is…
Reformed Forum

The Most Downloaded Episodes of 2015

2015 was a big year for Reformed Forum, but not through conventional means. Even a cursory review of the titles in our archive shows the breadth and depth of our subject matter. In a culture of the lowest common denominator media…

Poythress on Rain Clouds vs. a Heavenly Sea in Gen 1:6–8

Since we cannot go back and interview ancient Israelites, modern interpreters can always postulate that the Israelites had strange beliefs about a heavenly sea. . . . The postulates have become embedded in the tradition of OT scholarship, and they…
Vos, Biblical Theology

Vos on Merit and the Mosaic Covenant

It is plain, then, that law-keeping did not figure at that juncture as the meritorious ground of life-inheritance. The latter is based on grace alone, no less emphatically than Paul himself places salvation on that ground. But, while this is…

God’s Maximal Truth

May the day come, and come soon, when American fundamentalists will stop being content with the minimum of God’s truth and start proclaiming the maximum. —Ned B. Stonehouse, “Stars or a Team?” (1947)


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