surrender all

Jesus, My Soul’s Deepest Desire?

Laura Story’s newish song-hymn, “What a Savior,” presents us with an interesting theological conundrum. It’s a kind of brain-teaser not unlike the one introduced to many confused Christians when they are asked to sing “I Surrender All” in church on…
Barth Pencil

Election, Eternity, and Time in Karl Barth

For Reformed Christians we often struggle with the relation between the eternal decree of God and the historical manifestation of that decree in time. It is ingrained within our theological DNA to think of the distinction between the eternal decree…

Good Writing, at Last!

By the time they stopped that night, the rain had abated somewhat. But it did not cease. Likewise, the sun never properly set. Robbed of its glory by the day’s grimness, it could manage no grand descent. Instead it simply…

Am I Chicken for Not Attending Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape from Chick-fil-A, of course. On August 1, I did not patronize a Chick-fil-A. Maybe I’m just chicken. The debate about the fast food chain seems to have spilled over from the…

Biblical Natural Law

For many of us in the Protestant Tradition, the idea of “Biblical Natural Law” may seem like an oxymoron. However, that is not the case for the one of the newest offerings published by Oxford Press and written by Matthew…
Ugly Ditch

New Hermeneutics Books

Two new volumes are now available for purchase from InterVarsity Press on biblical hermeneutics. Both books seem like they will be great resources for the church. The first is a book by now retired professor at Moore Theological College, Graeme…
Gay Marriage Protest

Gay Marriage and the New Testament

To be sure, this story about the on-going battle over so-called gay marriage is disturbing, even if it is not surprising. The issue of “gay marriage” is an important one, and one about which Christians should be gravely concerned. I…
adam and eve

Two Kingdom Theology and God’s Covenantal Fiat – Part 2

“To identify the redemptive kingdom of the God…with the common causes of the city of man is profaning of the holy, a prostitution of the gospel, a diabolical repudiation of the atonement accomplished by Jesus Christ.” – M.G. Kline, Kingdom…
Tissot - Creation

Two Kingdom Theology and God’s Covenantal Fiat

I want to once again reiterate my deep appreciation for the work done by 2K theologians. I believe their insights are important and essential for the church to hear today. In particular, in so far as they desire to highlight…


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