Karl Barth

Is Karl Barth Neo-Orthodox?

Barth’s theology, fairly early on, received the label “neo-orthodox.” Barth himself rejected the label (CD III.3, xii). It is regarded by some today as a misnomer. As early as 1972, German reflection on the thought of Barth were challenging the…
Karl Barth

A Place for Rapprochement? Barth, Bavinck, and Van Til on Prolegomena

Eberhard Busch describes Barth’s approach to theological prolegomena: he saw the prolegomena as being a first step into the subject-matter itself, bringing about a first clarification of what revelation was and how it was to be spoken of. The prolegomena were…
Bavinck Reading

Bavinck and Barth on Revelation

Bavinck in the first volume of his Reformed Dogmatics is very clear about revelation becoming nature. God reveals himself in, by, and with nature. Bavinck is clear that revelation is not “abstractly supernatural,” somehow floating above and apart from nature (442). Here the…
Crusades, Saladin and Guy

Defending Obama

President Obama may some day, if not already, rue the day he compared the Crusades to the current terror tactics of ISIS. But, was his comparison completely off-based? Several well-circulated articles have appeared by Crusades scholars to put the Presidents…

Thomas, Barth and Modernity: Entering the Fray Over Matthew Rose’s Barth Article

A recent firestorm has arisen within the blogosphere concerning an alleged failure by Karl Barth. It was initiated by Matthew Rose over at First Things here, responded to by IVP editor David Congdon here, Darren Sumner here, David Guretzki here,…

5 Reasons Why I Am Not a New Calvinist

John Piper’s recent Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. Lecture at Westminster Theological Seminary was vintage Piper: passionate, learned, articulate, and just right. The connection between Calvinism, sovereign grace, justification by faith alone and the rejection of racism was a joy to…
Bible, pen, and glasses

5 Commentaries on Galatians: For Sermon and/or Lesson Preparation

The history of biblical exposition boasts of a rich heritage when it comes to commentaries on Galatians. We cannot list all of the great commentaries here, so I simply offer a brief annotated list of commentaries I have found helpful…
Karl Barth

5 Important Books to Help You Understand Barth

Being interested in learning more about the theology of Karl Barth can be an overwhelming experience. Where does one begin? I would like to offer here just five books to get you started on your journey to understand the very…

Affirmations and Denials for a Christian Response to Gay Marriage

The following was sent in to my local newspaper for consideration in the editorial page (it was, however, rejected by the editor): In no way do I pretend to represent the entirety of the Christian community. Some will be happy…

Kevin Giles’ “The Eternal Generation of the Son”

* This review is an abbreviated version of a review of the same book I wrote for the 2012 Confessional Presbyterian Journal Introduction Not long ago, we did a show at Christ the Center on the Doctrine of the Eternal Generation…


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