Cornelius Van Til

The Essential Van Til — The Centrality of God

We at the Reformed Forum have a burning desire to see Christ as preeminent in all things. We believe that the Scriptures reveal to us Christ, from Genesis to Revelation. Therefore, the ministry of the pulpits of Christ’s church are…
Van Til, Common Grace and the Gospel

The Essential Van Til – The Antithesis Between Believer and Unbeliever

Following Kuyper and Bavinck, Van Til so emphasized the antithesis between believer and unbeliever that many have concluded that Van Til cuts the unbeliever off from any point of contact whatsoever. Van Til’s system has been caricatured as one in…
Cornelius Van Til

The Essential Van Til – Introduction and the Trinity

I’ve come again, afresh, to the writings of Cornelius Van Til. Lord willing, my plan is to compose a monograph on Van Til’s critique of Karl Barth over the next several years. In light of relentless criticism, from both Barthians…

The Primacy of the Trinity in Theology and Apologetics: Herman Bavinck on Trinitarian Dogma

The Primacy of the Trinity in Theology In the closing section of Herman Bavinck’s chapter on the Trinity, the Dutch theologian makes some very important and keen observations on the importance of the doctrine of the Trinity. After Bavinck the…

Whatever Happened to Parson Brown?

This morning I was taking my daughter to school when “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” came on the radio. I was surprised to hear, however, an interesting change in the lyrics. I have always known: In the meadow we can…
John Knox film

New Film on Knox

Being that we do not know the exact year John Knox was born, that means we can stretch out the celebration of his 500th for multiple years! Scholars continue to speculate about the year of his birth. At one time…

The Church’s Prophetic Voice

The below is a historical preamble written by the session of South Austin Presbyterian Church which explains why the church has a voice to speak to both the state and the culture. It was attached to a correspondence to the…
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Crossing Lessing’s Ugly Ditch: Karl Barth on Union with Christ

The way Barth understands the relation between eternity and time manifests itself in how he answers the theological problem of how the once and for all work of Christ on the cross “then” has relevancy for us “now.” This is…
Karl Barth

Christ is All: An Introduction to the Life and Thought of Karl Barth — Part 4

Thus far in this series we have looked at the life of Barth as well as begin to explore his theology as well. In particular we have shown how Christ is everything for Barth in the sense that he reframes…
Karl Barth

Christ is All: An Introduction to the Life and Thought of Karl Barth — Part 3

This is the third part of a four part series on the life and thought of Karl Barth. After completing a brief biography, we now turn to examine his thought. We will take this section in two parts. The first…


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