The Letter to the Hebrews and Platonic Idealism: Syncretism or Appropriation?

At points it seems that the letter to the Hebrews reveals Platonic or Middle-Platonic influence or overtones. This is especially the case with regard to what the author distinguishes as impermanent (the priestly order of Aaron; the earthly tabernacle) and permanent (the…
Hosea Marriage

The Scandal of Grace: Was Hosea’s Marriage Hypothetical or Historical?

The perplexing command from the Lord to Hosea to marry a woman of whoredom (Hos. 1:2) has caused some interpreters to doubt the historical nature of it. Because such a command seems to contradict God’s law, it is thought that…
Armor of God

What to Read on the Armor of God (Eph. 6:10–20)

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I’ll be completing a four-sermon series on the armor of God in Ephesians 6:10–20. It’s been a rewarding challenge and great joy to have camped out here in God’s word this past month with the saints at Redeemer URC in Orange…
13-0815 OT in the NT

Now You Have Received Mercy: The Fulfillment of Hosea 2:23 in 1 Peter 2:10

In Peter’s first letter to those of the Dispersion (1:1) he intentionally utilizes language that once characterized the nation of Israel in the Old Testament to now describe the New Testament church, compromised of both believing Jews and believing Gentiles.…

God’s Pursuit of His Bride: Covenant Drama in Hosea

“The covenant is neither a hypothetical relationship, nor a conditional position; rather it is the fresh, living fellowship in which the power of grace is operative.” – Geerhardus Vos There is a felt tension in the book of Hosea that…
Geerhardus Vos

Not Duty Bound: Geerhardus Vos on the Covenant of Redemption

In a previous episode of Christ the Center, we threw our oar in the water on the recent discussions regarding the proposed Eternal Functional Subordination (EFS) of the Son to the Father. If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, I…
Creation to Consummation

Aiming for the New Creation

It has been rightly observed by many that there is an eschatology—a goal of higher, escalated life that the creation is to move toward—already in Genesis 1–2. While everything was “very good,” it had not yet been brought to its perfection in…

10 Books on Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

We all wish we could have been one of the two disciples who walked with the resurrected Christ on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24. We know that beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, Jesus interpreted to them…
Seeing Christ in All of Scripture

Seeing Christ in Old Testament Types

Recently the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia released a book entitled Seeing Christ in All of Scripture. The book’s intent is to help people understand the beautiful, Christ-centered structure of the Bible—certainly something to be commended for. Recognizing…

As Far As Curse Is Found: Nature and Grace in Herman Bavinck

The relationship between nature and grace has been deemed the central thought of the theology of Herman Bavinck (1854–1921). Getting the relationship right is important for a proper understanding of the interaction between the natural and the supernatural, creation and…


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