Hunsinger, Reading Barth with Charity

God After God: Jenson After Barth, Part #1

When Karl Barth was once asked to comment on the reception of his theology in America, he noted that a bright young American scholar named Robert Jenson had rightly grasped and interpreted his dialectical theology.[1] Carl E. Braaten, Jenson’s long…
Karl Barth

Is Karl Barth Neo-Orthodox?

Barth’s theology, fairly early on, received the label “neo-orthodox.” Barth himself rejected the label (CD III.3, xii). It is regarded by some today as a misnomer. As early as 1972, German reflection on the thought of Barth were challenging the…
Karl Barth

A Place for Rapprochement? Barth, Bavinck, and Van Til on Prolegomena

Eberhard Busch describes Barth’s approach to theological prolegomena: he saw the prolegomena as being a first step into the subject-matter itself, bringing about a first clarification of what revelation was and how it was to be spoken of. The prolegomena were…

Thomas, Barth and Modernity: Entering the Fray Over Matthew Rose’s Barth Article

A recent firestorm has arisen within the blogosphere concerning an alleged failure by Karl Barth. It was initiated by Matthew Rose over at First Things here, responded to by IVP editor David Congdon here, Darren Sumner here, David Guretzki here,…
Bonhoeffer Reader

[Review] The Bonhoeffer Reader

Jim Cassidy reviews The Bonhoeffer Reader (Fortress Press) edited by Clifford Green and Michael DeJonge. From the Publisher: For the first time, a representative collection of all Bonhoeffer’s theological works is available in a single volume, edited by Bonhoeffer scholars Clifford J. Green…
Karl Barth

5 Important Books to Help You Understand Barth

Being interested in learning more about the theology of Karl Barth can be an overwhelming experience. Where does one begin? I would like to offer here just five books to get you started on your journey to understand the very…
Karl Barth

The Critics of Van Til’s Take on Barth

Cornelius Van Til was an early and significant critic of Karl Barth, yet many contemporary Barthians reject his criticism. Several contributions in the recent book Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism contain this sentiment. Today, we spend time discussing this topic with Jim…
Karl Barth

The Theology of Karl Barth

Jim Cassidy speaks about the basic contours of Karl Barth’s theology. Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism, edited by Bruce L. McCormack and Clifford B. Anderson, is a recent contribution to this growing body of scholarship. The volume is compiled from contributions to…

Van Til, Barth, and American Evangelicalism

Darryl G. Hart returns to explore Barthianism in America. Darryl Hart has contributed to Karl Barth and American Evangelicalism, edited by Bruce L. McCormack and Clifford B. Anderson, is an interesting volume, compiled from contributions to a 2007 conference sponsored by The…
University of Marburg

Machen and Bultmann at Marburg

Bill Dennison discusses the possibility of a personal acquaintance between J. Gresham Machen and Rudolf Bultmann. Both men are key figures in opposing wings of Protestantism. Machen being the figurehead of conservative Presbyterianism in the early 20th c. as he…


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