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This is the first installment of responses in our Christ and Culture series. William Dennison responds to the comments made by Darryl Hart, Nelson Kloosterman and Doug Wilson in the first round.

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Chris Caughey

10 years ago

I appreciate Bill, but I sure wish Kline’s view had been represented in this discussion/debate.


10 years ago

I think it is safe to say that this is the closest we will find to Kline’s view among the four contributors. Kline was a Vos/VanTillian through and through. So I would argue this is Kline’s view.

Troy Lizenby

10 years ago

I don’t know if professor Dennison drew the short straw, but delivering the first response can make one feel somewhat at a disadvantage. However, I found his response surprisingly refreshing, insightful, and helpful in laying out the issues involved. I look forward to the other respondents, especially on how they deal with his emphasis on discontinuities between the two ages.

Camden Bucey

10 years ago

Just to be clear, the ordering among the 2nd round responses is arbitrary. I recorded with each person independently. At the time of the second round recordings, each participant had heard all the 1st round recordings and nothing else.

Austin Brown

10 years ago

I’m a fan of your site/work, and a big fan of this particular series. Bravo! It’s a great idea and has been executed very well. I review and recommend Christian audio lectures, debates, interviews, podcasts, etc., and I want you to know that I’m going to plug your stuff (and have).

Your hard work is much appreciated! And thanks again for the provocative series.

Austin Brown



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