Church Planting

Jim Cassidy leads a discussion on church planting in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church with Brad Hertzog and Mark Winder. Rev. Hertzog is Pastor of Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Queens, NY and Rev. Winder is Church Planter of Wolf River Presbyterian Church in Collierville, TN near Memphis.

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Camden Bucey

8 years ago

I’d like to followup on this discussion with an episode on church planting and ecclesiology. I think many of the competing models out there are exceedingly weak on this point. The OPC has been very intentional about planting in accord with a Reformed ecclesiology, but many people don’t understand the reasons for which they do things. More often, church planting is simply conducted in a pragmatic manner. I’d like to hear from those with experience how a strong Reformed ecclesiology comes to interact with pragmatic concerns in various contexts.

Benjamin P. Glaser

8 years ago

Amen to that Camden.

Also Amen to Rev. Hertzog on his experience in inviting folks to church.

Mark Loughridge

7 years ago

Hi there,

Really enjoyed the podcast – I was wondering where could find the audio for the talks Rev Hertzog was going to give on church planting.




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