Vos Group #5: The Content of Pre-Redemptive Special Revelation, Part 1

For the fifth episode of Vos Group, Dr. Lane Tipton and Camden Bucey examine the first portion of chapter three of Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology (pp. 27–33). Vos has established the presence of special revelation in the garden of Eden, God’s words to Adam and Eve concerning the probationary covenant of works. In this chapter, he highlights four principles made known in this special revelation, the first two of which are “the principle of life in its highest potency sacramentally symbolized by the tree of life,” and “the principle of probation symbolized in the same manner by the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Roughly each month, Lane and Camden will work through the pages of Vos’ Biblical Theology. While Vos’ book is foundational, it’s tough for the “uninitiated” to access. This will be a great opportunity for study groups to listen to our discussions and work things out together. We hope everyone who participates will learn more about Reformed biblical theology. Pick up a copy of Biblical Theology and get on the BT wagon!

Lane G. Tipton is Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He has appeared numerous times on our programs. Please visit our archives to listen to Dr. Tipton speak about a range of theological topics.

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Mark G

6 years ago

Great discussion. Some friends and I are starting a Vos group at our church in north Dallas area so this is very beneficial.

John Mahaffy

6 years ago

Very helpful discussion. One minor correction, Camden. At least when I had Dr. Van Til, way back when, he consistently referred to the tree as a persimmons.

David Betz

6 years ago

Ha, someone beat me to it. I came here to say that: Van Til *joked* that it was a persimmons.


6 years ago

Vos Group #4 is missing. I found it outside of the group in iTunes, but it’s not in Vos group. Please fix. Thank you.

Camden Bucey

6 years ago

Where is it missing? In the Google+ group?


6 years ago

If you subscribe to the Vos Group Podcast, it does not have Vos Group #4 included.

Camden Bucey

6 years ago

Thanks for the notice. We forgot to place it in the Vos Group category!



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