William Perkins on Predestination

William Perkins (1558–1602), often called “the father of Puritanism,” was a master preacher and teacher of Reformed, experiential theology. Greg Salazar speaks about Perkins’s works on predestination and his influence upon the Puritan and Reformed tradition. In speaking of predestination, we also cover related topics on Perkins’s theology such as his Christology, his understanding of the ordo salutis, and even his views on Christian forms of memory recall.

Dr. Salazar is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology for the PhD program at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with Dr. Joel Beeke, he has edited volume six of Perkins’s works with Reformation Heritage Books.

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Harold Min

4 months ago

With all due respect, Perkins explains himself on the ordo salutis in terms of relational priority.

“Thirdly, I add ‘of a man justified’ for two causes. First, to show that justification and sanctification are two divers gifts of God, and their difference may appear in three things: first, in that justification is out of a man, sanctification is within him; secondly, justification absolves a sinner and makes him stand righteous at the bar of God’s judgment, sanctification cannot do this; thirdly, justification brings peace of conscience, so does not sanctification, but follows that peace. Thus, the apostle has them distinct: ‘Ye are washed, ye are justified and sanctified’ (1 Cor. 6:11). Christ is made to us righteousness and sanctification (1:30). Secondly, because justification goes with sanctification. Though justification be before in nature, yet they are wrought at the same time. For when God accepts a man’s person, then he is made just, who is also sanctified.”

William Perkins (1558–1602), The Works of William Perkins: Volume 4, Reformation Heritage Books, 31.


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