The Mutual Interrelation of Natural and Special Revelation

Jeff Waddington speaks about the characteristics of natural and special revelation and their relationship to one another. Jeff recently delivered a lecture at Westminster Theological Seminary on the subject.

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Camden Bucey

11 months ago

Jeff and I are still trying to track down the link to his lecture at Westminster. If someone has it, please feel free to post it here and I’ll include it in the episode description.

Jeff Downs

11 months ago

I had it at one point. I believe Jim Cassidy posted it on his FB page.

Jeffrey Waddington

11 months ago

Brian Collins

11 months ago

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree is one of my favorite Christmas carols. I think the apple tree connection comes from Song of Songs 2:3 where the woman compares her beloved to an apple tree and says she delights in sitting under his shadow.

John Ohlmann

10 months ago

Went back and watched ctc240.
The interview with Dr. Oliphint makes a good compliment to this one.



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