The God Who Is

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Douglas Kelly to speak about his Systematic Theology, Volume 1. Nick Batzig caught up with Dr. Kelly at the recent Twin Lakes Fellowship near Jackson, MS for this fascinating discussion. Dr. Kelly is the author of many written works including, If God Already Knows, Why Pray?, Preachers with Power: Four Stalwarts of the South, New Life in the Wasteland, Creation and Change, and The Emergence of Liberty in the Modern World.

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Douglas Kelly Interview and Sermon

11 years ago

[…] I had the enormous privilege of sitting down with Dr. Douglas Kelly, Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC at the Twin Lakes Fellowship to get an interview for Christ the Center. The first volume of Dr. Kelly’s Systematic Theology has been published by Christian Focus. I was able to talk with Dr. Kelly about various aspects of the doctrine of the Trinity. You can listen to the Christ the Center episode here. […]

Camden Bucey

11 years ago

Nick, you mentioned that Jesus does not know the time nor hour of the end of days (Matt 24:36), but only the Father and that this was because of the Son’s economic role in the Trinity. Granted, the eternal Son of God became the Incarnate Son because of his economic role, but I’ve always understood Jesus’ limitations of knowledge demonstrated in this passage as referring strictly to his human nature, not his economic status per se.

Nicholas T. Batzig

11 years ago


I struggle with accepting the “now He’s human, now He’s divine” explanation of portions of Scripture. True, Jesus did “grow in wisdom,” which would have to have reference to His human nature, but I think Paul Helm has an interesting argument on this at http://paulhelmsdeep.blogspot.com/2008/12/taking-line-iv-time-to-keep-silence.html. You may be correct that it was in the human nature alone, but that human nature was a product of the the Divine plan of redemption. And, since Jesus was fully God and fully man (two distinct natures, inseparably united, in one Person), is it right for us to say, “Well, here He is God, and here He is man?” Maybe. I think the economic and ontological distinction is helpful. With regard to His knowledge, it seems best to say that He laid aside the privilege of the Divine knowledge that was His by virtue of his divine being, and in the economy of redemption He submitted to the Father’s determination for Him in regard to when He would or would not employ that right. What sayest thou?

Tim H.

11 years ago

Fantastic show Nick. Thanks for providing this one for us. I’ve been thinking about Trinitarian doctrine a lot lately, and this way really helpful. After I got past how sweet Dr. Kelly’s accent is, I was blessed to hear his clear teaching on the majesty of our glorious God.

Water Is Thicker Than Blood

11 years ago

“The God Who Is”…

The Reformed Forum has Dr. Douglas Kelly for their interview concerning his new book, Systematic Theology Volume 1: Grounded in Holy Scripture and Understood in Light of the Church. The discussion is very encouraging, implicitly showing the pastoral na…


11 years ago

Good stuff!

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