Genesis 2:18-24 – The Royal Wedding

On today’s episode we discuss Genesis 2:18–24. We begin today’s discussion by finishing up talking about the two trees in the garden from our previous episode and then we discuss the creation of woman. We consider how it was “not good” for Adam to be alone. Also, we talk about the fact that the woman is created from the man. We also consider the creation of woman in light of the covenant given to Adam and the mandate to take dominion, to be fruitful and multiply. Finally, we consider the way in which marriage is given as a picture of the the covenant relationship between God and His people, between Jesus Christ and His bride, the church. We invite your comments and feedback!

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Mark G

6 years ago

Good discussion guys.

I just wanted to connect two things you guys mentioned. Nearer the beginning you talked about how God presented Eve as a bride to Adam in the garden. Nearer the end of the discussion you talked about God presenting a perfected bride (the church) to Christ, the second Adam. It is interesting that there is this similar motif of God presenting a bride to the first Adam and the eschatos (ultimate) Adam in both the creation and consumation accounts respectively.

I also thought it was interesting the way you brought out that the creation of Eve completes Adam. It seems to accentuate the movement of Adam from creation to confirmation or consumation, that Adam was created with a goal and future in mind.

Mark Winder

6 years ago

Well said, Mark G. I think there’s always forward movement in Scripture, seen in micro and macro. Adam and Eve are a great paradigm for creation to consummation.



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