Genesis 3:1-7 – Temptation in Eden

On this week’s Proclaiming Christ, we discuss the temptation in Eden from Genesis 3:1–7. Man and woman begin naked and unashamed in a royal wedding, but abruptly, an evil serpent enters the picture and brings sin into the world. Why does sin have this opportunity to enter the world? How is the picture of sin in Genesis 3 an example of how sin works in general? Why do Adam and Eve take the forbidden fruit? How is this Scriptural episode connected to the gospel of Jesus Christ? Listen for answers to these questions, and we welcome your comments and feedback!

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6 years ago

Wonderful discussion (so don’t get me wrong) but does anybody know how to talk into a microphone? Camden sometimes mumbles as he gets to the end of his sentences, and you can’t hear him (and I know he wasn’t on this particular show), but it sounded like some of you guys were simply turning away from the mike as you continued talking.

Benjamin L. Smith

6 years ago


This was a very fine discussion with profound implications regarding the pattern of Satan’s temptations. And the point about Satan’s rejetion of divine wrath (you surely will not die) is so appropriate given contemporary debates about atonement.


Mark Winder

6 years ago

Thanks Benjamin, I appreciate the input. I do think there are many patterns of Satan’s work that are evident in the temptation and fall. Wish we could have explored them at greater length, but a wonderful passage to keep under consideration.

Thanks for listening!



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