Genesis 3:9-12 – Adam on Trial

In this episode we discuss Genesis 3:9–12, and consider God’s pursuit of rebellious Adam. On the one hand, God clearly calls Adam into account for his sin, but on the other hand God’s dialog with Adam prepares us for the wonderful promise of salvation found in Genesis 3:15. There are both judicial and pastoral elements to this conversation. In addition, we talk about the significance of Adam and Eve being afraid and naked. Moreover, we consider the sad way in which human rebels tend to blame God for their sin, and how husbands often blame their wives for their sin and failures.


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4 years ago

This was a very helpful overview of seeing Gen.3 in light of God’s just judgment of Adam. I appreciate the teaching in this podcast.

Mark Winder

4 years ago

Thanks Rob, I’m glad you found it helpful. We certainly enjoy doing it. Each time I look at these texts I am amazed at how God works in the history of redemption. And learning from the other fellows on the program is a real blessing. Thanks for the feedback.


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