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In this week’s episode we discuss sermon preparation. As the panel considers the kind of work that must go on before a preacher is ready to preach, we discuss things like: the importance of prayer; the reading, re-reading and meditation on Scripture, the importance of the original languages. We also briefly discuss whether all preaching should be consecutive expository (lectio continua) or whether there is a place for timely, topical-textual sermons. Please join us by listening along and we invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and comments.

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Proclaiming Christ is an audio program focused upon biblical preaching. In each episode we will discuss the process, method, and goals of preaching biblical texts from a uniquely Reformed perspective. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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7 years ago

This is a great idea for a podcast and I look forward to tuning in every week. I took your suggestion last week and purchased the commentary on the New testament use of the Old. It is great. I welcome any more suggestions regarding recommended books or tools.

Adam York

7 years ago

Thanks Chris! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll keep your suggestion for resources in mind and tell the other panelists as well. Pretty soon we will start addressing the primary purpose of the podcast which is to talk through actual books of the bible. I’m excited about that. We begin recording episodes on Genesis this week, though the first one won’t be released for two weeks. We’re going to try and suggest preaching/hermeneutical resources for books of the Bible also. Thanks again for the feedback.


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