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Zephaniah’s Protology in Eschatology

Mark Winder previews his upcoming course on Zephaniah wherein he will discuss the prophecy in its context, and in doing so examine how the prophet utilizes protological themes to construct an eschatological picture pointing to the great Day of the Lord. We will begin with an introduction to covenant themes and establish the veracity of the theological assumptions and hermeneutical method employed in approaching Zephaniah.

Dr. Winder will be teaching an in-person course at the Reformed Forum headquarters in Libertyville, Illinois, August 12–13, 2022.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 06:12 An Upcoming Course on Zephaniah
  • 22:25 The Structure of the Course
  • 33:16 Protology and Eschatology
  • 44:29 The Expectation of the Day of the Lord
  • 50:45 Covenant Restoration
  • 57:56 Conclusion

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