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Ev. Gesellschaft in Wuppertal Jahresversammlung März 1956 Karl Barth

Introducing and Interpreting Karl Barth

Jim Cassidy and Camden Bucey bring in the New Year with a discussion of bible reading plans, tools, and strategies. They preview several of the projects that lay ahead at Reformed Forum, including a new course on the theology of Karl Barth. Dr. Cassidy introduces a list of recommended reading on Karl Barth and different interpretations of the theologian’s theology before speaking about Barth’s unique Christology.

Recommended Reading on Karl Barth


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 03:34 Giving Update
  • 08:46 Reading Plans for the New Year
  • 21:44 Introducing Karl Barth
  • 26:06 Recommended Reading on Barth
  • 35:04 Interpretations of Barth
  • 46:51 Barth’s Christology
  • 58:35 Conclusion

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