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A Devotional Guide to the Westminster Shorter Catechism

In this episode, we speak with William Boekestein, Jonathan Landry Cruse, and Andrew J. Miller, the authors behind a new book, Glorifying and Enjoying God: 52 Devotions through the Westminster Shorter Catechism. These three pastors and theologians share their insights and experiences from their journey through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, offering listeners a unique opportunity to understand the profound theological truths encapsulated in this historic summary of faith.

William Boekestein, serving the Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, alongside his wife Amy and their four children, brings a pastoral heart to our discussion. Jonathan Landry Cruse, author of What Happens When We Worship and pastor of Community Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Kalamazoo, where he resides with his wife and three children, offers a perspective enriched by his literary and ministerial endeavors. Andrew J. Miller, the Regional Home Missionary for the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in central Pennsylvania, shares his extensive missionary experiences, living out the catechism’s teachings alongside his wife Rebekah and their five children.

Together, they speak about the motivations behind their collaborative work, the importance of the Westminster Shorter Catechism in today’s Christian walk, and how the book aims to deepen the reader’s love and knowledge of God. Join us as we explore how understanding God leads to a richer relationship with Him, and how the intertwined nature of heart and mind can bring us closer to the glory and enjoyment of God.


  • 00:07 Introduction
  • 03:12 Ministry in Kalamazoo
  • 04:43 Church Planting in Central Pennsylvania
  • 06:18 Beginning the Book Project
  • 11:21 Reformed Ecumenism and Confessional Standards
  • 18:06 Organizing the Shorter Catechism into 52 Sections
  • 24:56 A Devotional Mindset
  • 26:47 How to Use the Book
  • 27:47 The Chief End of Man
  • 33:23 The Relationship of the Catechism to the Bible
  • 40:51 The Abiding Relevance of the Catechism’s Questions
  • 43:22 Scripture and Catechetical Memorization
  • 50:24 Lessons Learned and Pleasant Surprises
  • 53:58 Make the Catechism Great Again
  • 56:12 Conclusion

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