Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics, Junius on True Theology, Edwards and more

Jeff Waddington introduces several new or recent books, includes titles on Junius, Jonathan Edwards, and Cornelius Van Til.

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David Betz

5 years ago

FYI: V3 (Christology) of Reformed Dogmatics was released a week or so ago on @logos. The mobile version leaked out a few days later. I reference this work quite a bit, and the other day I noticed V3 show up randomly.

Regarding Junius, before diving into Junius directly, I’d recommend a deep read of Willem Van Asselt’s “The Fundamental Meaning of Theology” in WTJ 64:2. It’s available on Galaxie. He essentially explains each part of de theologia vera (Junius’ work book in Latin). Junius is, of course, all over Muller’s V1 of PRRD (the single most highlighted book I own!)

Sidebar: I’ve word from the publisher of the English work of Junius that a digital parallel may be out in a few months. Right now, the Latin version is on Archive.org. It’s small. It’s basically a big tract. If your Latin is… survivable, you can reference it now.

Regarding the Bosserman book: Read Lane Tipton’s dissertation “The Triune Personal God Trinitarian Theology In The Thought of Cornelius Van Til” first (available on UMI/ProQuest). It 1) is [pre]destined to be a classic, and 2) needs to be published as a book.


5 years ago

I picked up the Kindle version of Bosserman’s book on Amazon for $10. Good thing it wasnt published by Brill! So far it looks really good.
This is another good one but its $116 (unless you can find it as his dissertation in PDF form as I did a while back).
The Authority of Scripture in Reformed Theology: Truth and Trust
by Henk van den Belt


4 years ago

Knowing Dr.Bosserman personally and having dialogued on this subject with him, I can assure the reviewer that Dr. Bosserman affirms the covenant of grace and covenant of works as biblical and while he appreciates the work of Jim Jordan in regard to biblical typology does not refer to himself as a proponent of FV theology.



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