Going On to Perfection: A Redemptive-Historical Reading of Hebrews 6:1

The author of the letter to the Hebrews makes explicit in the prologue that there is an organic progression to God’s revelation[1] and that the content and mode of God’s revelatory speech demarcates history into two comprehensive epochs: “long ago” and…
Solomon Dedicates the Temple

Joy-Full Fellowship (Part 4): The Temple

Introduction The Garden The Patriarchs The Tabernacle Israel’s history progresses and time and time again they prove to be an unholy people unworthy to have the Holy One, the Lord of Glory dwell in their midst. Nevertheless, the Lord brings…
The Tabernacle

Joy-Full Fellowship (Part 3): The Tabernacle

We continue our expedition through the biblical drama of the triune God’s pursuit of union and communion with his people in joy-full fellowship (Ps. 16:11). The promise, “I will be your God and you will be my people,” is the refrain of his heart that…

God’s Pursuit of His Bride: Covenant Drama in Hosea

“The covenant is neither a hypothetical relationship, nor a conditional position; rather it is the fresh, living fellowship in which the power of grace is operative.” – Geerhardus Vos There is a felt tension in the book of Hosea that…

Dispensationalism – Part 3

In episode 25, your hosts Rob and Bob, pick up our discussion of Dispensationalism. Today we discuss the hermeneutics of Dispensational Theology and some of the differences with Covenant Theology. What is hermeneutics? How do Dispensationalist interpret the Bible? How does that differ from Covenant…

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