Replacement Theology – Part 1

This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob take a step back from our discussion of The Pilgrim’s Progress to talk about Replacement Theology, which has been erroneously associated with Covenant Theology.

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Carl Gobelman

6 months ago

Great episode, and I look forward to the next installment. It’s truly sad to see people, either willfully or out of ignorance, distort and misrepresent an opposing view. You almost expect the unbelieving world to do this (though there are some who are intellectually honest enough to accurately represent the “other side”), but it’s even more painful when those in the church (even one’s own denomination) get it wrong.

Nice job explaining Covenant Theology (what it is AND what it isn’t).

“An Intern”

Robert McKenzie

6 months ago

Thank’s Carl, that is very encouraging. Hopefully the more we engage in conversation the less misrepresentation there will be, now get me some tea intern.


6 months ago

Thank you for this analysis. I’m a big fan of Vos and Covenant Theology. I’ve read lots on the history of the OPC, the Princeton theologians, and from Westminster. I read an article blaming this abominable event on Reformed Theology and Replacement Theology as taught in the OPC. I have been a member of Several OPC churches and attended Presbytery meetings in the OPC and PCA. As you said I did not see myself in their description and didn’t know how anyone could come to this this claim against Reformed Theology as understood in the OPC

Robert McKenzie

6 months ago

Thanks for the kind words, and the encouragement. I probably read that article, it was nothing more than bearing false witness against brothers and sisters in Christ.



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