Dispensationalism Follow-up – Part 1

In Episode 54, we once again discuss Dispensational Theology. This time we begin by way of follow-up to a variety of questions that have come to us since our series on Dispensationalism.

This is part 1 of 2 (since the episode was just too long for you to suffer through) and generally follows 3 main points: the land, the throne, and Israel and the church.

We hope you enjoy and are edified.

Theology Simply Profound is a podcast of Westminster Presbyterian Church, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving the western suburbs of Chicago, where God powerfully speaks through his means of grace. Also, check out the work of the OPC in Chicagoland at Chicago Reformed.

Music credit: pamelayork.com. Thank you, Pamela York, for the use of your beautiful jazzy rendition of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” We encourage our listeners to check out her website and consider purchasing some of her music.

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Dispensationalism Follow-up – Part 1 | Westminster Presbyterian Church

2 years ago

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Dispensationalism Follow-up – Part 1 – Theology Simply Profound

2 years ago

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Randolph Mitchell

5 months ago

Like Mr. McKenzie, I have grown up in Dispensational churches, and still worship at one today. I have never heard anyone say or imply that people who hold to Reformed doctrine are anti-Semitic. I can’t quite understand why you are going on and on about this. Are you perhaps keying off some fringe elements posting obscure YouTube videos?

Also, you started with a clip of John MacArthur, who was essentially asking asking for a *Biblical* rationale for the Reformed Covenant approach to Scripture. So far as I can tell, you never got around to providing such a rationale. I think MacArthur is asking a fair question. If you want to read the OT as “types and shadows”, you need more than hand-waving about the book of Hebrews: you need a set of interpretive principles and guidelines that prevent Biblical interpretation devolving into a hopeless morass where anyone can read what he wants into a passage. Ideally the set of interpretive principles and guidelines would come from Scripture itself, preferably by precept or at least by example.

BTW, I am neither Dispensational nor Covenant. My biggest problem with Dispensationalism is that I don’t find its all-important hermeneutic (rightly dividing the Word!) taught or exemplified anywhere in the NT. I have similar problems with the Covenant approach, as expressed above.

Rob McKenzie

5 months ago

Thanks for the question. I can only say that I have read and heard comments that Covenant Theology is anti-semitic from many in Dispensationalism, including Ryrie, Walvoord, Pentecost and even John MacArthur. This is a common charge against Covenant Theology. I am thankful that your church does not do this and I know that Progressive Dispensationalism has toned it down, although I have watched a panel discussion on youtube with some well known progressives that made these claims, although it was still toned down. I am sure you have heard Dispensationalists use the term Replacement Theology, this in and of itself is a misrepresentation of what we believe and it comes from a misbelief that we are against the Jews or anti-Semitic. Here is a link to Kim Riddlbarger responding to John MacArthur http://kimriddlebarger.squarespace.com/a-reply-to-john-macarthur/

thanks again



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