Civil Disobedience

What do we do when the government tells us that we must turn in people who are of a certain ethnic group so that they might be killed? Do we adhere to scripture that tells us to be obedient to the governing authorities or do we adhere to scripture that tells us that we should not murder? Are we sinning regardless or can we choose. In the 1940’s the Ten Boom family along with others help hide the Jews who were being hunted by the Nazi army for extinction. They lied, they stole and the disobeyed direct orders from their occupied government. This wasn’t just in Holland, but many German Christians also hid Jews to protect them. Were they right or was this a lack of faith?

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3 years ago

Good episode. Regarding a potential situation with being forced to have transgender bathrooms, it actually wouldn’t be expensive at to make a new bathroom because a church wouldn’t need to make any new bathrooms. Just take the men/women signs off and get signs that say ‘All Genders’. Easy. Unfortunate but easy.


3 years ago

What constitutes a legitimate government?

Robert McKenzie

3 years ago

That would be a much longer answer with some qualifiers. Can you be more specific?

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