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Criterion 2: Reading Wisely & Constructively

Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren (played so well by Ralph Fiennes in the movie Quiz Show) argue in their very useful How to Read a Book that we ought to read above our present level of familiarity and understanding.…

Introducing a New Blog Series: “Criterion” with Jeffrey C. Waddington

I Am Not Normal I love to read. I have been doing it for years. I cannot claim to read with pen in hand in the way Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) did so many years ago. Edwards puts me to shame.…
Bible, pen, and glasses

Two Kingdoms and Cultural Obedience

Recently the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Canada sponsored a conversation between Dr. Joe Boot, founding pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto, Ontario and the Ezra institute, and Dr. Matthew Tuininga, assistant professor of moral theology at Calvin Theological…
Cornelius Van Til

Is There Such a Thing as “Common Ground” Between the Believer and the Unbeliever?

“No and yes. It all depends on what you mean.” Such is the conversation I sometimes have with seminary students new to the writings of Cornelius Van Til. In this series I will attempt to offer a more complete answer…
Jonathan Edwards (vignette)

Logos 6 Introduces Yale edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards

Logos 6 is a powerful ebook reader and search engine. A passage you remember reading but can’t quite remember where you read it is now much more easily and quickly found. What might have taken hours or days in the…
Jonathan Edwards

14 Recommended Scholarly Jonathan Edwards Books

As promised, I now offer a list of several scholarly works on Jonathan Edwards that I think are must reads. Please remember that there are now over 4,000 items of secondary literature and I am offering here my opinion. That…
Jonathan Edwards

7 “Must Read” Books on Jonathan Edwards

Keeping up with books, articles, blog posts, and podcasts-not to mention conferences- about New England pastor-theologian Jonathan Edwards seems like a nearly impossible task. The noted Edwards annotated bibliographer M. X. Lesser cataloged over 4,000 titles through 2005. That was…

Unity Flows from Truth

It is quite clear from God’s Word that the church is called to exhibit unity. Such unity is encouraged (nay, prayed for and commanded) throughout the New Testament. Jesus prayed that the church would experience unity as he and the…

Revjw’s Book Corner: Hoffecker on Hodge

In this 200th year of Princeton Theological Seminary, it seems appropriate to read the latest biography of Charles Hodge penned by Andrew Hoffecker. Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton is also the latest entry in the American Reformed Biographies series published…

Inhabiting Reality: Thomas F. Torrance’s Criticisms of Dualism

The following is a paper I wrote some years ago for an independent reading course as part of my PhD program at Westminster Theological Seminary. It is an evaluation of one aspect of the theology of Thomas F. Torrance. I…


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