Christian-Theistic Evidences

K. Scott Oliphint, Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, explains the role of evidences in a Reformed apologetic by turning to Cornelius Van Til’s book Christian-Theistic Evidences. Dr. Oliphint provides a foreword and explanatory notes in this re-typeset syllabus, originally from Cornelius Van Til’s Christian Evidences class at Westminster Seminary. As he addresses unbelieving philosophies of science, Van Til presents an uncompromising Christian philosophy and methodology for defending the faith that presupposes the absolute authority of the triune God of Scripture.

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Chris Cullnane II

4 years ago

Thanks for this program and the programs about the other books of Dr. Van Til’s. In the future I would love to put together a book history of these books especially emphasizng what impact they had on readers and Christian institutions. Chris

Tim H.

4 years ago

Great stuff, thanks to all!


4 years ago

How can you guys say with a straight face that Reformed Theology supports evidence in apologetics ? When it comes to evidence we all know where you guys sit, you are the apologists of Satan, not God. You touched on creation in your program without saying that all of you support an earth 4 billion years old, you all believe that men lived in caves and prehistoric man or even the current homo sapiens species evolved and moved out of caves being hunter gatherers to agriculture and raising cattle. You buy into the carbon dating methods to determine the age of fossils, you believe geologists that date the age of the earth 4 billion years ago, you believe anthropologists and archaeologists that teach that man was a hunter gatherer before he discovered agriculture and domesticated animals. Well, how about this ? Biblical evidence says that God gave man livestock and agriculture from the beginning. Genesis 4:3-4 is plain that Abel had a flock and Cain grew grains and vegetables. And yet I know all of you from other programs teach an old earth and believe in carbon dating methods of human remains that go back 190000 years ago in Africa. Records show that agriculture started at most around 8000 years ago and so did livestock raising and so did man. Cain and Abel were already farmers. So until you take on the archaeologists and anthropologists that teach about primitive man roaming the earth several thousands of years as hunter gatherers please do not call yourself evidential apologists, because you are the apologists of Satan based on your stand of an old earth and the existence of primitive prehistoric man. Presuppositional apologetics was born with Van Til, and Calvin and Luther would have condemned it, because it totally takes the focus from evidence like the historical biblical record that God created agriculture and livestock raising from the get go.


4 years ago

Genesis 4:3 and Genesis 4:4 are key verses about historic man. God did not create savages that lived in caves but men that were into farming as the first sons of Adam and Eve show us.


4 years ago

This last post that says b as author was mine, meant to write Bill but somehow didn’t manage properly. Anyhow even atheist scientists date the start of agriculture about 8000 years ago. Where the evolutionist and old earth creationist scientists go wrong in in asserting that men lived prior to agriculture which Genesis 4 flatly denies with Cain and Abel as I pointed out.


4 years ago

Bill is the author of last two posts. Not sure why I keep typing it wrong or in the wrong field and does not show up. Apologies for my mistake with no name appearing on the two posts above.



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