The Majesty of Mystery

K. Scott Oliphint speaks about the incomprehensibility of God as detailed in his book, The Majesty of Mystery: Celebrating the Glory of an Incomprehensible God (Lexham Press). As creatures, we will never and can never comprehend fully God’s mysteries. Indeed, this must even be an epistemological and methodological starting point. Standing upon this biblically-based notion of mystery, Dr. Oliphint drives us to doxology—to worship our glorious God.

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Jeff Downs

2 years ago

Wondering if anyone could comment on this book: The Mysteries of Christianity: Revealed Truths Expounded and Defended. T.J. Crawford, republished by Reformation Heritage.

Very good interview!

K Scott Oliphint

2 years ago

As far as I know, the same general theme, but with some differences in topics and focus. Likely a very good read, but I have not been able to look at it carefully.

Michael Head

2 years ago

Would you guys say the same caution given concerning Aquinas applies to Boethius (a sort of “proto-Aquinas”)? I’m currently reading Boethius’ work on the Trinity for a second time.

K Scott Oliphint

2 years ago

I would. Boethius’ doctrine of the Trinity is not as “developed” as Thomas. He indicates, for example, that God is pure form (which Thomas rejected). But, overall, the philosophical elements eclipse the biblical elements, in my estimation.

Brandi Huerta

2 years ago

Dr. Oliphint, I loved this book. Theologians are always accused of being worshipless creatures, and you have dispelled that notion handily. I love and worship the LORD much more because of you.

A few years ago, I bought God With Us when the Kindle version was on sale, and I’ve never been the same. Understanding God’s aseity and His condescension was the key to help me know Him in a way I never would have otherwise. Other than the Bible, it remains my favorite book. Thanks.

I tried to buy a hard copy a while back and was told it’s unavailable because you are working on a second edition. Please know I’m waiting anxiously!


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