Bavinck’s Philosophy of Revelation

Cory Brock and Nathaniel Gray Sutanto speak about Herman Bavinck’s Philosophy of Revelation (Hendrickson Publishers). Drs. Brock and Sutanto have edited a new annotated edition of Bavinck’s Stone Lectures, which were delivered at Princeton in 1908. Other than his Reformed Dogmatics, this is Bavinck’s most important work. We are blessed to welcome new editions and translations of these works. Along with James Eglinton, Brock and Sutanto are also editing Bavinck’s Christian Worldview, scheduled to be published by Crossway next year.

Cory Brock is Minister of Young Adults and College at First Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Jackson, MS. He also serves on the faculty of Belhaven University teaching biblical studies. Nathaniel Gray Sutanto is Assistant Pastor at Covenant City Church in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Chris Innis

1 year ago

Hi y’all! Thank you so much for your ministry. I, and many at my church here in Omaha (OBC), benefit greatly from your work. Keep it up. Love it.

I really enjoyed listening to this episode. I’m finishing reading the original English translation. I believe Olinger stated this was translated by Vos in his biography. Loved the biography too. I have the new annotated version of Bavinck on order.

Just wanted to mention since it was brought up in the episode, if you have not already discovered, that Bavinck does interact directly with Nietzsche, beyond general mention of ‘names to ideology’ groupings, in the original lectures.

IX p249 Bavinck calls Nietzsche’s system “logical aristocratic anarchism.”

X p296-97 Bavinck traces the evolutionary ideology as inevitably developing into socialism. He mentions Nietzsche’s development from pessimism as “a pupil of Schopenhauer and Wagner” to optimism by “rejecting all metaphysics” although inconsistently holding to his Uebermensch[–Super-Man].

Might someone be working on an up-to-date Bavinck (i.e. current content: world philosophies, theologies, politics, tech, events) that implements a polished Van Til apologetic that’s readable?


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