Genesis 1:14-28 – The Next Three Creation Days

In this episode of Proclaiming Christ we discuss days 4–6 of the creation account in Genesis 1. We continue the discussion of light and darkness in creation as it pertains to the fourth day, the kingdom of God in creation, and the creation of humanity in the image of God.

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Mark G

7 years ago

I enjoyed the discussion. Lots of good things there to think about.

I’m confused about the darkness motiff, the light coming into the darkness, and anticipating evil later in scripture. In the creation story God repeatedly proclaims the creation as good. And yet, we know that there is evil in the creation even before the fall; i.e., represented by the serpent in the garden. We know that the serpent was an earthly manifestation of a heavenly creature who must have fallen sometime between the creation of the heavens and the earth and the temptation in the garden.

I guess the darkness in the creation account represents disorder in the creation rather than moral evil. That later is co-opted in scripture as representative of moral evil.

I hadn’t really thought much about the “darkness” in the creation story. If you’d like to expand on it I’d appreciate that.



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