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Today on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob discuss the contrast between Paul’s reception at Thessalonica and Berea. In Thessalonica, there was jealousy and hostility. In Berea, there was an examination of the Scriptures. How are we to receive the word of God preached to us through our pastors?

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Timothy Joseph

2 years ago

Robs, as usual, a great broadcast. However, your comments about all the Berean Jews being ‘more noble’ was misleading. The Greek word that ESV translates as more noble, in this context, is a statement about their openness to hearing the message Paul is bringing not a comment on their faithfulness to God’s Word. Obviously, searching the scriptures is good, but without the Holy Spirit regenerating their hearts of no lasting, eternal value. The comparison is with those in Thessaloniki that wouldn’t even listen.

Robert McKenzie

2 years ago

Tim, Thanks for the clarification. We were conflating the two, their character that led them to be open to listening to the Word preached was the same character that led them to the study of the Scriptures. But as you said the passage was pointing specifically to one and not necessarily to the other.

Rob M



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